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This World.

What is this world,

Where people kill and maim,

For selfish gain?

What is this world,

Where children suffer,

Eyes full of pain?

What is this world,

Where money talks,

While compassion is slain?

What is this world?

We should all look

Through the eyes of a child.

The importance of love,

There laid bare to see.

This world is nothing,

Without feeling.

This world is nothing,

Without humanity.

This world could be,

Full of love and friendships.

This world could be,

A more peaceful space.

This would could be,

One we want to grow old in.

This world should be,

A more tolerant place.

Let’s make a world,

We can give to our children.

Where they can thrive,

And love and grow.

This world can be something,

With love and acceptance.

This world can be something,

If our hearts make it so.

Without You

Heavy eyes

A tired mind

But, sleep won’t come

Without you.

My empty side

A void inside

I just can’t be

Without you.

Your life is mine

We’re intertwined

I just feel lost

Without you.

So come home soon

And fill the gap

Made by living

Without you.

With you

Lying close
Warmth seeps through
Heating my soul
A sleepy smile
Dreams will be happy tonight.


Time ticking

Darkness spreading

Sleep evading.

Hips aching

Pain spreading

Sleep evading.

Chest on fire

White hot burning

Sleep evading.

Time passing

Eyes heavy

Sleep evading.

4am passing

Still thinking

Sleep evading.

Joints burning

Eyes stinging

Sleep evading.

Light peeking

Almost morning

Sleep evading.

Eventual respite

All too early

Alarm beeping.


At last I’ve got my name back

It’s been returned to me

I’ve suffered from a dreadful case

Of stolen identity.


Finally we’re reunited

My maiden name and I

We’ve been apart for seven years

That time did not fly by.


It’s been a long time coming

This reunification

We almost floundered, lost our way

Buckled under the frustration.


The thief has tried to break me

Made some days a living hell

But I have won, I’m having fun

And I’ve got my name as well.


My life has been rebuilt now

With love that will not break

But getting my old name back

Is the icing on the cake.


Oh yes, we’re back in business

Let there be no remorse

Just stand and cheer, for all to hear

And celebrate divorce.

Inspire me.

Dense brain fog reflects

Misty autumn atmosphere …

Colours clarify.

New life.

New Life




Heart Beating.

The future




New beginning.

My family




And Loving.

Big Brother




But not sharing.

New baby

We’re hoping

You’ll always

Be happy.


Last night we slept with hands entwined

We’d found our peaceful state of mind.

From weeks of absence, strain and stress

We found the time to reassess

We found some time to simply be

To hold each other, lovingly

To laugh, to hug, to kiss, to talk

To hold hands on an autumn walk

Some time to think, to meditate

Some time spent with a true soul mate

Last night we slept with hands entwined

We are each other’s peace of mind.

An unwelcome surprise.

A spider crawled onto my pencil.

Said spider got thrown on the desk.

My heart it now feels hyper tensile.

Personally I find spiders grotesque.


A colleague he came in to save me.

The spider it hid neath my phone.

I ran out wailing loud like a banshee.

Whilst he caught the beast in a cone.


I told him to squish it and squash it.

He said, “No way, they eat flies!”

He took it outside and released it.

That was this morning’s unwelcome surprise.

Hungry Britain.

People going hungry

They’re starving in our streets

A civilised society

Run by ignorant elites.


They say there is no problem

That our country is replete

With food and drink and groceries

So everyone can eat.


Tell that to the people

Those making up the ranks

Trying to feed their children

With donations from food banks.


As a so-called first world country

We should feel a depth of shame

That this crisis goes unrecognised

That no-one accepts blame.


We all can help to solve it

We could lobby politicians

It’s down to our esteemed government

To improve these bad conditions.


In a country where we throw away

Tonnes of food each week

People shouldn’t have to starve

As a nation we must speak.


On a more personal level

You can give the gift of food

You can help dispel the hunger

Of a family, come unglued.


So if you are a lucky one

If you have some food to spare

Take it to a food bank

Show those in strife that people care.

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